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Jack Tosetti

I, Jack E. Tosetti, have been in the business of selling, appraising and auctioning real estate in the surrounding areas for 30+ years. In addition, I have closed on approx. 2,500 real estate transactions.

I have dealt with and sold a lot of property over the years, and this provides me with a great amount of knowledge and experience when dealing with and evaluating real estate on both the selling and buying side. Read More

Fair Market Value
Fair market value is defined:

The most probable price which a property should bring in a competitive and open market under all conditions requisite to a fair sale, the buyer and seller each acting prudently and knowledgeably and assuming the price is not affected by undue stimulus, implicit in this definition is the consummation of a sale as of a specified date and the passing of title from seller to buyer under conditions where by... Read More

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